Selected Poems

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Ozone Journal
The University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226207032   Published March 2015

from "Ozone Journal" Bachís cantata in B-flat minor in the cassette, we lounged under the greenhouse-sky, the UVBs hacking at the acids and oxides and then I could hear the difference between an oboe and a bassoon at the riverís edge under coveró trees breathed in our respiration; &ÖRead More

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The University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226035666   Published December 2011

In his first book of poems since his highly acclaimed June-tree, Peter Balakian continues to define himself as one of the most distinctive voices of his generation. Exploring history, self, and imagination, as well as his ongoing concerns with catastrophe and trauma, many of Balakianís new poemsÖ

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Poetry on Record: The History of Armenia read by Peter Balakian
from Poetry On Record, 98 Poets Read Their Work, 1888-2006, Shout Factory, produced by Rebekah Presson Mosby.

Poetry Collections

June-Tree: New and Selected Poems,
2001, ISBN 0-06-019841-9
(Harper Collins, 2001)

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Dyer's Thistle

Dyer’s Thistle
(Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie-Mellon Press, 1996)
ISBN 0-88748-232-5, 0-88748-233-3; (Cornell U Press, (800-666-2211)

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Reply From Wilderness Island
(Riverdale, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 1988)
ISBN 0-935296-73-5

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Sad Days

Sad Days of Light
(New York, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 1983; Classic Contemporary Series of American Poets, by Carnegie-Mellon University Press, (Pittsburgh, 1993)
ISBN 0-88748-160-4; available from Cornell University Press (800-666-2211)

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Father Fisheye
( New York, NY: Sheep Meadow Press, 1979)
ISBN 0-935296-08-5

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Bloody News From My Friend, by Siamanto,
translated by Peter Balakian and Nevart Yaghlian,
intro. by Balakian (Detroit: Wayne State U Press, 1986)
ISBN 0-8143-6240-4

Limited Editions

Declaring Generations,
linoleum engravings by Barnard Taylor,
(Lewisburg, Pa.: The Press of Appletree Alley, 1981)

Invisible Estate,
woodcuts by Rosalyn Richards
(Lewisburg, Pa.: The Press of Appletree Alley, 1985)

The Oriental Rug,
linoleum engravings by Barnard Taylor
(Lewisburg, Pa.: The Press of Appletree Alley, 1986)

The Children’s Museum at Yad Vashem,
illustrated by Colleen Shannon,
(Lewisburg, Pa: The Press of Appletree Alley)